Whether it is good or bad, your brand is your label and it says something about how consumers view your product or service. Brands represent themselves in various ways, including through advertising, packaging, and public relations. Here are some examples of traditional advertising projects that I managed.


When it comes to creating interest in a product or service, television and video remain incredibly valuable methods to create awareness and drive interest in a company’s brand. This is because it is entertaining, informational, and when it is done properly it is easy to understand. From big budget national broadcast television commercials to more moderately priced spots placed on a company’s website or on YouTube, brands of all sizes benefit from this visual medium. In addition to a variety of budgets, spots were also created in different lengths, with and without promotional retail price points, and in multiple languages for markets across the globe.

Mattel Toys Broadcast Example


Whether it is an advertising campaign using newspaper or a magazine, or a collateral piece used to support the sales of a product, there is definitely a value of advertising in print. Below are some additional formats.

  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Outdoor
  • Bus Wraps
  • Bus Shelters
  • Collateral
  • Direct Mail
  • Post Cards
  • Belly Wraps
  • Flyers

  • Brand Identity
  • Logo & Stationary
  • Sports Marketing
  • In-Store Signage
  • Guerilla Tactics

76 Gas Sports Marketing Example


With the amount of hours that people spend in their cars daily, it is no surprise that radio remains one of the most widely used mass-communication channels in the world. It is especially good when it comes to retail promotion. This is why the Circle K convenience store used it to promote its offers to the various markets across the nation. As an official sponsor of NASCAR, the campaign featured a fictional driver named Toby Burke. These humorous spots always feature Toby getting so distracted by the great deals at Circle K that he never wins a race.

Circle K Radio Example
Title: Call Mom

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